Käthe Kollwitz

Wehrt dem Hunger! Kauft Ernährungsgeld, 1924
( Fight Against Hunger! Buy Food Coupons )
Inventory # 51560

Original lithograph printed with black ink on copperplate paper. Included in the portfolio "Krieg" (War) produced by Internationale Arbeiterhilfe in memory of the ten year anniversary of the beginning of World War I. Signed on the stone, lower left, with the additional hand signature "Käthe Kollwitz" in pencil, lower left. A proof from the 1931 von der Becke edition. In very good condition.

Image: 14" x 9", sheet: 19 7/8" x 14 1/4"
Catalogue reference: Klipstein 193; Knesebeck 206 b/b

Fighting against poverty and malnourishment was a great concern for Kollwitz. In 1924 she made a portfolio of seven graphic works, later to become known as the “Hunger” portfolio, for the International Workers Aid. She often saw the effects of malnourishment in patients who entered her husband’s medical office where they lived in a poor neighborhood of Berlin. After Germany lost the First World War, inflation rates and taxes increased and many working class people could not even afford food. Kollwitz “Hunger” lithographs were used as posters for various fundraising efforts.


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